by canoe in the land of 44 islands
Destination : Karsibór Canoe Harbor at ul. May 1, 25 (100m on the left side behind the Rybaczówka restaurant)
Tour type: canoe trip

A canoeing trip on the Świna backward delta, carried out by a licensed tour operator with an insurance guarantee and tourist guides. We will visit nooks, canals and islands. we almost pet the cormorant 🙂
We meet at the beautiful and new canoe harbor in Karsibor at ul. May 1, 25 (100m on the left, behind the Rybaczówka restaurant).
Cost: PLN 30 per person
Advance payment guarantees a seat reservation - in case of very unfavorable weather conditions, the entire amount is refunded on the second day)

Price : PLN 30.00
Available tour dates
Available dates Available places
15 May 2021
1:00 PM
- 08 May 2021
3:30 PM
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